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The phenomenon of globalization has latched on the world totally. Products and services are becoming global in every sense of the world. Nothing is hidden from anybody. Every day we see celebrities from across the globe in our television screen or computer screens. The thing with celebrities from all around the globe is that they dress up well. The makeup they display is eye catching. Often women try to copy that. The latest trend that is growing is the Arabic makeup 2012. If you are bored of wearing the same look than you can for Arabic makeup 2012. As we know that only thing constant in this world is change, so we need to change and develop with time. It is not a bad idea to experiment and tinker with your look a wee bit.

So the question is how to get a start? The basic thing in Arabic makeup 2012 is the eye make. The most attractive aspect of any Arabian woman is her deep dark eyes. So the basic idea starts with darkening your eyes. So for starters use eye makeup related products to darken the look of your eyes. The idea behind Arabic makeup is to look in your face and bold. It has nothing to do with a soft look or being delicate.

The basic eye makeup in Arabic style is the kajal or kohl. Kohl will be always be the most obvious makeup on your eye. On both lids you can have dark black kohl. The upper lid should solely be a place for the deep dark kohl and on the lower lid you can use some other colors too. Another idea is to get doe eyed. The idea is to stretch the line of deep and dark kohl ahead of the corners of the eye to make it look bigger and heavier. You might have seen such make in Arabic music videos. Most Arabic celebrities do such makeup. It is a big hit here.

You need to curve your eyebrows. They should make arches. The idea is to get to an old school Middle Eastern look. Eyebrows should be lush dark. If you don’t have rich eyebrow you can always take the help of eye pencil. Darken and thicken your eye brow and it would look much better in the final result. Usage of colors is also highly important. The idea is to use at minimum 4 colors. Use contracting colors. This would lighten your face up and will make you look colorful. You have leverage to use any make up colors. Often people thing any color would be good. This is a wrong concept. You will not look good by wearing weird colors. It should go with the overall scheme of things.

The colors you apply should be visible. All of them should be differentiated one from the other. Simply you should not blend different colors. If you do it right, it will give you a very different and attractive look. It is simple to achieve and it adds to your personality.


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