Fitness, Weight Loss and Detox Holiday at PhuketFit In Thailand

PhuketFitweightlossProgramImagine going for a holiday and instead of putting on some weight, you return with a healthier glow and a trimmer waistline! Now you can opt for the sensational PhuketFit holidays- an idea that merges the combined benefits of fitness, detox, and vacation in scenic Thailand.

Weight Loss in Thailand
The program for weight loss at PhuketFit focuses on a combination of fitness and holistic practices to change the lifestyle choices that lead to your constant weight gain. Since day one, you will be measured to keep a track of the results during the program. You will meet the guest relations rep who will guide you through your individual holistic consultations and a routine designed exclusively for your body by the head fitness instructor.

Phuket fitness
The head fitness director at PhuketFit takes on the individual consultations for every client during the start of the program. Each fitness routines are unique to the body type, problem areas and stamina levels of the client. The evaluations during the initial consultations will include an improvement strategy built with a focus on your posture, pattern of movement, and your fitness starting level.

Results oriented detox and cleanse routine
The cleanse program at PhuketFit includes a direct consultation with the detox staff. During this, evaluations such as body fat percentage, visceral fat percentages, level of hydration, blood sugar and blood pressure will be monitored. These will be used to understand your stressors and help design unique cleanse programs. Cleansing drinks, herbs and dietary supplements will be included as part of your daily cleanse program. You will also be introduced to a healthy and tasty diet, which includes tender coconut juice, vegetable broth and salads. All these elements together will be used with revolutionary processes such as vibrational enhancement, liver flush and complete detoxification of your digestive tract to help restore optimum balance of physical and emotional well being.

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