Has the dip-dye had its day?

It wasn’t so long ago that the dip-dye was everywhere with Alexa Chung and Caroline Flack pioneering that oh-so-wearable two tone look. But is it still the height of chic or has it been thrown onto the fashion scrap heap along with curly perms and crimping? We take a look at this season’s hottest trends in hair colour.

1. Ombre’s here to stay!
For those of you who have already gone down the dip-dye route, breathe a sigh of relief because this trend is sticking around! Spring/ Summer ’13 sees a more subtle take on the ombre style, with the focus on a more subtle, graduated lightening of colour towards the tips of the hair, rather than the brash two-tone look we have seen previously. Check out Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Alba for inspiration on updating your dip-dyed do.

Salon Grade HAIR CHALK - Pick your Color - (1) “Big Stick” - Temporary Hair Dye - Hair Tint - Hair Rub - Dip Dye by natzillaaa liked from a luxurious wicker sofa.

Dip Dye – source

2. Go platinum!
Not one for the shrinking violets, this high fashion look can be a tricky one to pull off but, if you are brave enough to take the plunge, it’s a real show-stopper. Platinum bleach-blonde hair, coupled with striking dark brows for the perfect fashion-forward finish, was all over the catwalks this season. If you go for it, be prepared to put the work in; a low-maintenance look this definitely is not. Regular trims and moisturizing treatments are a must to keep this super-cool style looking hot.

3. Sweet as honey
A look currently being rocked by fashion royalty Cara Delevingne, caramel and honey highlights are a trend that anyone can go for this season. Great for updating a tired looking do, these flattering shades add depth and texture to the hair making it look super-glossy and luscious. Perfect for those who don’t want a radical change, slices of these gorgeous, rich hues through your mane will work wonders for your look, but first you will need to find a good hairdresser who does highlights.

4. In the pink
Sweet pastel shades are still around this season, perfect for a pretty Spring makeover. A much more wearable trend than you might think, all over pastel colour and pretty pastel ends or highlights are still big news on the catwalk. Lilacs, peaches or pinks woven through the hair can create a youthful and quirky fashion-forward look that will take you right through to the end of Summer. Look to Rachel McAdams and Sienna Miller for cute candy dos.

5. On the block
For the ultimate glossy, bold finish, go for a sexy block colour this season. Whether it’s a rich chocolate brown, fiery red, deep plum or bright sunshine blonde, block colours can create a beautifully striking look that really shows off a gorgeous, healthy mane. If you really want to wow, think Rihanna who has rocked the block colour trend in pillar-box red and rich cherry black, or if you’re after something closer to your natural hair colour, check out January Jones’ sexy blonde bob or Katie Holmes’ super-shiny chocolate locks.
So give your look a Spring clean with one of these stylish new trends: guaranteed to look hot even if the weather’s not!

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