OzHead Professional Hair Straighteners

OzHead Professional Salon Series develops high-end hair and beauty products with a strong focus on hair care. One particular product line created by OzHead has received quite a bit of positive attention and has actually been voted #1 in its class by Style Icon, and that is OzHead’s line of hair straighteners and hair straightener products.

OzHead MKIII Hair Straighteners: Goody Box

The OzHead MKIII Hair Straighteners Goody Box is one of the most purchased straightening products offered by OzHead. By purchasing the product itself you will also you will also be buying a variety of extra little perks for keeping your hair in its beautiful straightened state when you are off and running. Users of this specific product have found these additions to be extremely generous and convenient, even motivating many to continue using the product.


When the OzHead MKIII Hair Straighteners Goody Box is purchased the following items are included with each order:

  • A 3-year warranty for replacement on your OzHead MKIII Hair Straightener product
  • The original OzHead MKIII Hair Straighteners
  • One (1) 100ml bottle of OzHead Hair Serum & Protectant
  • The OzHead Mini Hair Straighteners
  • One (1) OzHead Heat Mat
  • One (1) OzHead Hair Straighteners and Accessory carry pouch

The heat mat and carry pouch are a great benefit, according to consumers, as they protect both the standard and mini hair straighteners as well as any surfaces you may have the hair straighteners sitting on.


The protection serum which comes with your purchase is extremely beneficial to keeping your hair healthy and resistant to daily hair straightening. Since heat is used in the hair straightening process a protective serum is essential, so the fact that OzHead threw this in the mix is a very thoughtful move on their part.

Why OzHead hair straighteners work so well

Traditional hair straighteners have flat plates which get extremely hot, and as you flatten your hair between the plates the heat “tames” the hair into a flat state. With an OzHead hair straightener the plates actually “vibrate” as they straighten, making long-term hair straightening easy.

Other OzHead features consumers love include…

  • User Temperature Control

This allows the user to set the temperature of the hair straightener as desired

  • Micro-chip Temperature Control

This feature keeps the heat in a safe range at all times. If it reaches the maximum chosen temperature but has yet to be used the hair straightener will shut down until an acceptable temperature is reached; it will then begin to re-heat to the chosen temperature.

  • Vibrating & Floating plates

These features provide the best contact between the plates and the hair itself. The motion of the plates ensures contact with the hair in any circumstance.

  • Choose your color!

What color says your name the loudest? Choose from Lime Green, Sleek Black, or Deep Purple. There won’t be another like it for miles.

All of the benefits listed above, along with a full 14-day money back guarantee, make purchasing the OzHead Hair Straighteners a no-brainer. Start looking your best right now, and keep looking your best easily, with the wonderful hair care and hair straighteners available from OzHead Professional Hair Products!

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