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A Manifestation of Creativity At Its Apex!

Glitter French manicure is the mother of delightful nails. It’s a manicure that leads while the rest follow. Although it is a new manicure, one must acknowledge that new brooms sweep cleanest. In this regard, French glitter manicure is not only amazing, but awesome.

Have you ever wondered how you can spend your time indoors when the weather outside is frightful? If you have not, allow me to give you some insightful ideas. Every time the weather is dreary, never spend your time building castles in the air, but rather spend that precious time to make your nails look great. Not only will you derive fulfillment from the noble course, but you will have something to show for that time.

During winter, women do not create simple nail designs. Fortunately, there are numerous fun designs that would give your nails an amazing look. For example, a play with the glitter French manicure using monochromatic colors will make you celebrate the winter season with good cheer.  Once you choose to be the goddess of lovely nails with this famous French manicure, there are three distinct differences you will note. These are the qualities that make it a manicure that is eminent beyond comparison.

First is the use of color. The glitter French manicure gives one’s nails a natural look that is unrivalled. A good example is when one is using the monochromatic blues to decorate her nails with the winter blues. First she would use the ocean blue as the base. The nail tip would look amazing with a cotton candy blue. However, if it is difficult to find the cotton candy blue, never hesitate to use the all time amazing baby blue.

The other unique quality of the glitter French manicure is the line dividing the nail base from the nail tip. More often than not, if one intends to make use of this line, the ideal color for a French manicure is silver. However, for a glitter manicure, one can use a blue glitter nail polish. The trick would to first draw a white line, and thereafter go over it with the blue glitter. Remember, if you fail to draw a white line, it would be impossible for the blue glitter to show up if applied on the blue nail polish.

The third and most amazing unique quality of the glitter French manicure is the angle of the glitter line. Often times, this manicure has a slightly curved or straight line to it. However, the line is angled clearly and it is on the left of the nail. Additionally, one has to draw the angled line first before application of other polishes.

There is no doubt that bold glittery nails have taken the front seats. Besides the monochromatic colors of blue, one may also opt for gold, pink and orange colors. Not only do they cover the imperfections on your nails, but you will love it. Glittery French manicure is a manifestation of creativity at its apex.

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