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Manicure, Day 1

Manicure, Day 1 (Photo credit: kpwerker)

Whether you are in America, Europe, Asia or Africa, you will agree that French Manicure Designs are a popular fashion trend among ladies of all ages. With so many designs to choose from, one can ask for advice from her girlfriends, relatives, and check up the latest designs on the Internet as well as on fashion magazines, among other reliable sources. Similarly, you could seek professional help you’re your manicurist of choice. As such, choosing the right French Manicure Designs should be no daunting task for any lady out there.

Thanks to their universal application, the French Manicure Designs have found favor among ladies from all walks of life. These designs will look always look great irrespective of whether you are in causal ware, official wear or just relaxing out on the beach. However, it is always good to seek professional help so as to have the best manicure design for every event.

A perfect choice among the many French Manicure Designs is the classic manicure. For this design to offer the best results, it should be done by an expert manicurist who applies the base coat, mostly a nude or light pink one. A white finish is done on the hint of the fingernails to give you that youthful feel. If you want to add some more designs to the nails, you could always choose from the many designs, but always keep it simple. The manicurist will show you different styles to choose from and will use the modern airbrush to create the design on all your nails in a stunning pattern. On other occasions, the manicurist will use a stencil to shade the patterns and designs that you wish on your nails. Popular choices include flowers, national flag colors, hearts, palm trees, as well as letter initials.

Unlike some years ago when you had to make your way to a salon to have your manicure, today there are mobile salons with professional manicurists that offer the latest French Manicure Designs. However, it is always important to ensure that your salon of choice is equipped with the latest accessories necessary for that perfect manicure. The staff should be professionals ready to offer great value for your money. A modern salon should have the different types of airbrushes so as to give your nails that perfect smooth sensation.

If you have seen a lady with sparkling nails, then you have seen one of the different French Manicure Designs. This is a popular fashion trend where the manicurist applies tiny gems and other sparkling stones on the client’s nails, either singly or following a particular design using special nail glue and a clear top coat is them applied to keep them firm on the nails. Another one of the many French Manicure Designs is the nail tattoos which involves selecting a design which is printed on a sticky paper and rubbed against your nails. With French Manicure Designs, you are always assured of great looks and a sense of class.

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