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Eye shadow is in one word amazing. With simple application on the eyelids and below the eyebrows you can make your eyes stand out instantly and overall look much more attractive. Eye shadow accompanied with eyeliner and mascara provides the perfect combination for a great overall eye makeup routine. Eye shadow adds depth and dimension to the users eye which can be matched to their eye colour and simply draw attention to their eyes. Finding the best eye shadows can be hard but here you will find the best eye shadow reviews in 2011.

Wet N’ Wild:

This year Wet N’ Wild have released a very reasonably priced set of eye shadow range. The new Wet n Wild DreamWeaver Collection brings out six new ColorIcon Trio Eyeshadows for $2.99 each. They come in a great range of natural colours and definitely add depth and visibly make your eyes stand out. With the price being relatively cheap, it is sure worth trying out the range to see if it suites your eyes.

Cover Girl:

Another great eye shadow to come out this year is the Cover Girl eye shadow Quad in “Pure Romance “. With soft colours that blend fairly easily it is a great choice in eye shadow. The quad means that it is great for day to day wear as it offers the right amount of colour meaning it blends in perfectly without accentuating your eyes too much. The only downside being the longevity of the eye shadow; if a good base is not applied it doesn’t tend to last as long as other eye shadows.


MAC usually produces quality makeup and they sure do not disappoint here with the MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions range. This range is extremely soft to touch and high in pigmentation. Along with its sparkle glitter it has a velvet finish which oozes perfection. Although MAC products usually cost just that bit more this range is definitely worth it. For eye shadow on big nights out or a date this is an ideal solution and therefore comfortably makes it into the best eye shadows of 2011.

These are just some of the many eye shadows released in 2011 with many more that just missed out on the list. It is vital when choosing eye shadow you go for one suiting the occasion. For day to day wear look for ones that are subtle that compliments your eye colour. For those special occasions glitter is a favourite for most and colours that match your outfit work best to bring out depth and that extra dimension in your eyes.

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