Double Wing Eyeliner

Yeah, So, Umm. Hi!Have you been looking for the best way to apply a Double Wing Eyeliner? Well, here is how! Firstly, it is important to realize that your face is unique from every other face. As such, eyeliner that looks good on your friend may be the complete opposite on you. Similarly, you need to realize that just like is the case with clothes and shoes, there is Eyeliner makeup for every occasion and the different color shades can be sourced easily from the vast cosmetics market.

Whenever you want to apply Double Wing Eyeliner you can always do it by yourself and look your best within a very short time. Dry your eyelids and eyebrows well and sit comfortably in front of your dressing mirror before you start applying the base of the eyeliner. It is important that you have everything that you need by you so as to avoid interruptions. An important tip that you might want to consider is going for the gel eyeliner as opposed to the liquid eyeliner as it gives the best results for all Double Wing Eyeliner shades and ensures more precision.

With everything set, sit comfortably and pull the upper eyelid so that it is well stretched and tight. Tilt your head downwards and apply the first shade gently between the roots of the lashes. This should be done using a flat brush to ensure the best results.  For the second eyeliner, stretch the eyelid sideways and use the flat brush to apply liner on the upper lash line. One design that you may want to consider is repeating the procedure severally on the upper lash line so that its shade may look more pronounced than the lower eyeliner. You could also repeat the procedure on both lash lines so that their intensity is same. Whatever your choice is, ensure that the makeup looks good on you and matches with the dress code of the day.

One of the most popular Double Wing Eyeliner styles is making the shade thicker as you move towards the outer eye. This makes the eyeliner complement the eye’s natural look. For the best results, it is important that you apply the shade in one continuous sweep rather than smaller strokes as the intensity of the shade may differ and look bad. Another tip to ensure that you have the best winged effect is to use a paler shade on the middle of the eyelid and slowly increasing the intensity as you move to the edge of the eyelid.

You can also consider adding some sparkle to your Double Wing Eyeliner by using eyeliner with glitters and applying it on the upper part of the eyelid. You can have the areas with creases on the eyelid in heavy shade to magnify the overall make up. Similarly, you can have your eyeliner look attractive from far by ensuring that the edges of the eyebrow are well covered in the eyeliner shade. Once you are done applying the eyeliner on the eyelids do not forget to make a sweep from one end of the bottom lashes to the other so as to have that complete look of Double Wing Eyeliner.

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