Giving yourself the All American Smile with Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste

opalescence_1It is very easy to assume that tooth whitening is something that is a modern day phenomenon and originated in California so that all of those beautiful and happy Americans can smile brightly with beautiful teeth. Ancient Romans used goat’s urine and milk to keep their toothy pegs sparkling white, it may seem an awful combination to use but apparently the ammonia in the urine thoroughly cleaned the teeth and the milk obviously contained calcium, which we know is very good for teeth. Luckily for us there have been major advancements in the products available for us to use so we can smile without worrying about what we have coated our teeth in.

Film Star Smile

The cosmetic industry has become big business in the event of social media and our ability to post photographs of ourselves at every opportunity. We see minor celebrities and major films stars preened to within an inch of their lives and looking absolutely gorgeous, we mere mortals see this display of beauty and want a little bit of the action. Obviously we cannot live the high maintenance lives like the rich and famous because we do have to work to pay our bills, we can however use our hard earned cash to spruce ourselves up via beauty salons and cosmetic dental treatment.

Methods of Whitening Teeth

Before you undergo any tooth whitening procedure you are advised to visit your dentist so that he can check for any weaknesses in your teeth that may be exasperated by the harsh whitening treatment. The quickest method used to whiten teeth is a process of bleaching and exposure to light, you can choose to have it done in the dentists surgery or take home a, ‘do it yourself kit’, for you to apply yourself. You must be very careful if doing it yourself not to burn your gums and take every precaution to protect them. The process is so risky to the health of your teeth that children under sixteen are prohibited from being treated in this way. After the procedure you will need to maintain the whiteness and avoid teeth staining foods like coffee, wine and tea. Toothpastes such as; Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste will help to maintain the whiteness gently and effectively.

Natural Methods Combined with Dental Products

You don’t have to subject yourself to bleaching to whiten your teeth, natural solutions such as the malic acid in crushed up strawberries can have a whitening effect. Celery and apples not only help whiten teeth they also freshen your breath too. Baking soda is another popular kitchen cupboard solution. If you use these methods and a whitening tooth paste your teeth will be significantly whiter than if you did nothing at all.

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