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The Amazing Wonders of Purple Concealers
There comes a time in a woman’s life when she is plagued with yellow discoloration or sallow tones on her skin. There are varied causes of these skin discolorations, but they are mostly attributed to thinning skin, medications, genetics, allergies, lack of sleep and stress. Regardless of the reason, they add unwanted age on ones face. In this regard, theories of every nature have been developed by people who wish to make a killing by exploiting desperate women. However, the easiest and cheapest way to conceal these discolorations is by use of purple concealers.

To understand how the purple concealer hides yellow skin discolorations, it is imperative that one refers on the color wheel. To counteract a color, one needs to use its opposite on the color wheel. The opposite of yellow on the wheel is purple. It is on this background that purple concealers are ideal for counteracting and hiding yellow discolorations. Not only do they give one’s skin a healthy appearance, but they also even out the skin tone. Purple concealers are also ideal on olive toned skin. They brighten such skins tones giving it a natural and beautiful look.

Availability of Purple Concealers
More often than not, purple concearlers are available in powder, liquid and solid form. In this regard, one can choose to purchase concealer creams, concealer pots, concealer tubes and concealer sticks. It is common for women to confuse concealers with regular foundations. However, the most important thing to note is that conclears compliment foundations to achieve a flawless and even complexion.

Solid concealers are available in wand type or stick. They are used to hide yellow marks and scars on the skin. These concealers are the thickets because they should fill the indentations perfectly. Moreover, they should provide a smooth look and a greater coverage. Solid concealers are applied on the skin directly.

Powder concealers should always be applied with a brush because they are lightweight. It is a common practice to use solid concealers with a foundation. However, they are not ideal for covering dark under eye circles and very dark blemishes. It is on this background that most purple concealers are in powder from. Liquid concealers are ideal for ageing skin and dry skins. They give a wide coverage, are easy to apply and are lightweight. They are the best for covering large areas of the skin.

Do you know what to look for when purchasing concealers? Good concealers have characteristics that separate them from poor quality concealers. The best quality purple concearler should be creamy in texture, fragrance free, water resistant and lightweight. Never purchase oily concealers because they tend to settle under your eyes and the fine lines on ones face thus drawing attention. Remember, the primary reason why one has to use a concealer is to achieve a natural toned skin.

Although a purple concealer is a must have if you wish to achieve a flawless complexion, it is important to note that one should not put it on 24 hrs a day. Use it during the day and wash it off your face during the night.

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