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Using the right concealer can mean the difference between maintaining a haggard and hapless look and more flawless and captivating look. We all go through one of those nightmarish days, when your skin just doesn’t seem to agree with you. For most part, I would rather die than been seen in public with some un-slightly eye circles or some hideous blemishes on my skin. We can therefore thank the genius who thought up the idea of using a concealer to hide away those issues. He really deserves a medal for that. When I first had that Kim Kardashian uses Mac Clay De Po concealer, I was naturally curious to try it out for myself. Here is a brief analysis of my experience of the product so far:

According to the company’s website, Mac Clay De Po concealer is made using something they call Neuro Skin Theory. This theory states that if negative factors like UV rays and dryness are blocked from reaching the skin, and replaced with a more supportive and positive environment during the growth cycle, the functionality of cells become optimized. I guess that’s a very fancy way of saying, Mac Clay De Po concealer will protect your skin and harness its radiance.

One of the striking features I found in this concealer is its very attractive metal tube packaging, which is designed to look like a lipstick casing. The concealer itself is solid and not creamy. Though, it swipes easily with little effort, using a concealer brush. I found that it blends in with my skin very easily, providing a silken feel on the skin. The stick has a solid look to it, but feels very smooth and silky on the skin.

Mac Clay De Po concealer does not contain any natural oils in it, which allows it to maintain its performance for long periods. When it comes to skin color, I found it to be more suited for people with yellow skin color, as most of the colors come in the range of North Asian skin tones. However, people with lighter skin tones can still achieve good results, from using this product.

How about wear? Well, it has performed relatively well so far, staying put for a good 12 hours.  So I would have to say am I happy with its performance so far, due to the amount of coverage and radiance it has provided. If you plan on buying it, look for a store with a tester, to get the perfect color match for your skin.

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