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Kim Kardashian at the Seventh Annual Hollywood Life Magazine Awards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I bet all of you wondered how celebrities get their perfect glowing skin. Well most of them use makeup products just like everybody else. Kim Kardashian for example uses a MAC concealer, and some other products like foundation and blush.

You would think that a well known actress and model like her would have her own line of products. She doesn’t, Kim Kardashian uses the same makeup that everybody can use. Of course she gets the premium products from all her favorite brands, and also the right color tone that works for her.

Kim first became famous for being close friends with Paris Hilton. Also her father was the renowned lawyer Robert Kardashian. After a failed marriage and some other relationships, Kim decided to try her luck in fashion, so she started DASH the famous line of clothing and fragrances. There are many people that ask how she does her makeup because it always looks perfect. Kim Kardashian uses different makeup products that makes her look the way she does. Intuit moisturizer, MAC concealer, Makeup Forever liquid foundation, these are just some of the brand names Kim Kardashian uses every day. Of course for getting the right tones she had to experiment with them, combining until she got the perfect color. The concealer that Kim uses is a MAC NW30 and she says that it is very important to her because she hates dark circles.

Concealer is an important part of any woman’s makeup kit; it gives her that perfect skin, and color that she desires. Choosing a concealer is crucial; you have to mach it with your skin type and tone, also with the tone of the foundation. Kim Kardashian actually combines two types of foundation to go with her skin tone and concealer. If you don’t get the color that fits you best and use a different type of foundation you might find a difference in color shade. As a public person Kim can’t afford that especially when she is known to always have a flawless makeup.

Some people are not that receptive to her style and cling to her personal life. I think that is not relevant to the way she dresses or wears her makeup. The fact is she is one of the best dressed celebrities out there and her makeup is always perfect. She is not afraid to play with colors and experiment different styles. After years of hiding her secrets to the perfect makeup, Kim Kasdashian finally revealed the entire “ceremony” on her blog. Remember just to find your own skin tone makeup and apply it in your style.

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