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Wedding Dresses Designers

Finding a wedding dress designer is easy, because wedding dress designers exist in every corner of every city. Finding a good one, that is hard. That is because wedding dresses designers who truly know their job from top to bottom are rare. It is rarer still to find quality designers who do not charge lavishly. […]

Gemstone rings- sapphire vs emerald

In this article we will take a look at the two of the more popular choices of stones used for jewelry, especially wedding rings. Especially the sapphire vs emerald will be discussed.

Looking Great in Your Wedding Photos

Wedding photos are one of the most important ways you remember your wedding, so making sure you look as good as possible in them is very important. Sure, hiring a really talented wedding photographer can give you an edge when you’re looking for great quality, but there is no substitute for looking your best before […]

Northwood Rings

Fashion seems to evolve every now and then. There are many trends in the jewellery too and when it comes to rings then there is certainly no lack of options. These rings are for different occasions like wedding engagement or they may be used just for fashion. What do you visualise when it comes to […]

Vintage with a hint of contradiction

This first column is going to focus on a theme which is very dear to us; ‘vintage with a hint of contradiction’. What’s that you may ask? Well it’s all the yumminess of vintage – understated, elegant, graceful, natural, old and beautiful, however with a twist of contadiction – bits of personality threaded through which […]

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