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All women need to feel intimately connected to the man they are in a relationship with. This makes guys try to form that connection with women immediately. They approach women in all sorts of locations and start trying to get that deep connection instantly. This rarely, if ever, works and the guys walk away disgruntled […]

How to make Eyeliner last all day

I’ve noticed that many of you would like to know how to make your eyeliner last all day, so it doesn’t run or lie. Ironically I’ve decided to write about this just now when one of my tips gave up on me. I have some allergies and my eyes are shedding. Anyway here are some […]

Winged Eyeliner Tutorial

When I browse the internet I always find the strangest tutorials and walkthrough’s: how to do this, how to wear that. Fashion tutorials, car tutorials, speaking, you can find almost everything, just by typing a few words on Google or whatever do you use to search the web.  The fact is you could learn and […]

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