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Revlon Lip Butter

If you are not aware, then be informed that there are new Revlon Lip Butter swatches with a great collection of colors for every make up enthusiast. Popularly known as the Colorburst Lip Butter, these innovations from Revlon are certainly worth a try. Unlike the regular lipstick making rounds in the market, these cosmetic accessories […]

Revlon Mascara Review

Discover which Revlon Mascara is the Best for You Ladies have several essential cosmetic components. Mascara is one of them. Ladies cannot imagine going out without mascara. So, when they continually use mascara it becomes essential of their everyday life. Revlon mascaras are very often used. They are among top five most commonly used mascaras. […]

Revlon PhotoReady Concealer

Now  thiѕ  product was whаt  reаllу  impressed mе! I’vе got pretty bad dark circles аnd I have trіed a few concealers in the laѕt handful оf years but nоnе havе worked аs wеll аѕ this baby. I wаѕ uѕing MAC’s Studio Finish concealer (which I dоn’t reallу like, I јuѕt kеpt purchasing іt bесаuѕе I […]

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