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Easy Perfect Nails with Blikka

When Socrates says he knows he doesn’t know anything, then I would agree with the exception of the basic fashion principle that accessories can make any outfit better. I couldn’t be more certain. Every general outfit is transformable by the small additions and can become a highlight without constantly buying new clothes and increasing our […]

Nail art designing and caring

People don’t notice normal things; you have to be creative to get people’s attention. When you see someone’s nail art then it seems quite complex, but actually it is not. You need to learn step by step about nail art designing. You can follow below mentioned steps – 1.In the beginning, make sure you are […]

Newspaper nails without alcohol

Many women wonder that how it is possible to do newspaper nails without using alcohol. Well! It is so simple because there are many other things that you may use instead of alcohol. If you are between 21 or even 18, you can do newspaper nails. This article is a complete guide for you if […]

Pointed Acrylic Nails

  Beautiful nails were an obsession in ancient China. It is said that the mandarins (men and women) considered long nails a sign of wealth and welfare. Long nails symbolized the fact that they couldn’t have been regular workers. Times had changed and now everybody can have beautiful hands and nails without spending too much […]

Cheetah Acrylic Nails

This year brings us lots of new trends and also some revitalized old ones. I don’t know if it’s about the 2012 end of the world hysteria, or what, but designers have outdone themselves bringing to life new and polishing up old designs. You can feel it in every department; even nail specialists are giving […]

Hello Kitty Acrylic Nail Designs

Women love taking care of their nails. For most of us, it is not just about fashion, but also a way to express our personalities. Hello kitty, a popular cartoon character of the 1970’s, has received massive acclaim, especially among teenagers. I guess nothing beats a cute looking kitten, with a pink bow on its […]

Angry Birds Nail Art

When it comes to decorating their nails, girls can be very particular about the style and design they want to use. This is because nails are just about pretty colors; they are an extension of our personality, showing our interest and the way we want to be viewed by the world. Perhaps this would explain […]

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