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How To Reduce Common Body Odor Causes Naturally

What is body odor? It’s particular to an individual and genetically determined (this is the way bloodhounds track individuals). More frequently, but, the expression is utilized to refer to the aroma that may grow when perspiration (that’s almost odorless) comes in touch with bacteria in your skin. Excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) is really a medical condition […]

Arabic makeup 2012

The phenomenon of globalization has latched on the world totally. Products and services are becoming global in every sense of the world. Nothing is hidden from anybody. Every day we see celebrities from across the globe in our television screen or computer screens. The thing with celebrities from all around the globe is that they […]

Make your own concealer

Many topics about how to make your own concealer, I think that when you make your own it is quite difficult to get it right the first time. You have to be careful about the color, the texture the ingredients and many other things. Here are some tips how to get it right the first […]

Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

Witch eyeshadow fits you best? When choosing an eyeshadow most women have some difficulties. This is an important decision when putting on makeup. You have to match it with your clothes, your eyes and even your hair. Each slip can be interpreted as sloppiness on your behalf. First of all women have to decide if […]

Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

We know that there are great sayings by great people about great things. One of the greatest sayings of all time is that “beauty lies in the eyes of­­­­­­­­­­ the beholder”. In daily life one phenomenon that is widely accepted is that the first impression is the last impression. When a person looks at you […]

How to Apply Lipstick

Lip stick boost up the feminine confidence at the work place and increase the worth of your smiles in the parties and get together. It is shows off your internal freshness on your face while charming others with your looks. Signs of weariness are called off when a perfect lip stick is applied. There are […]

How to Apply Eye Shadow

How Make Your Face Perfect by Applying Eye Shadow No single man on the planet earth is perfect, neither are women. People are trying to look perfect by using various preparations, cosmetics, and even surgeries. During the centuries, a lot of makeup theories are developed regarding this issue. However, theories are worth nothing without good […]

How to Apply Eyeliner

Ten Useful Tips How to Apply Eyeliner Eyeliner has the function of additional product, which only completes the perfection of make up on the face. It does not take much time to make your make up look perfect. You needn’t to be a professional to know how to apply eyeliner. There are only several steps […]

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