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Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Review

Maybelline Fit-Me Concealer Like always Maybelline impressed me. It always had and will. On one of my pointless searches on the web I’ve discovered the Fit-Me Concealer from Maybelline, it was like finding gold. Naturally I go and read the reviews and opinions before I buy it. Honestly I didn’t found one bad review. Impressive! […]

Kim Kardashian Concealer

  I bet all of you wondered how celebrities get their perfect glowing skin. Well most of them use makeup products just like everybody else. Kim Kardashian for example uses a MAC concealer, and some other products like foundation and blush. You would think that a well known actress and model like her would have […]

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

M*A*C Pro Longwear Concealer top of the brand. Make up is any women’s pasion, it is a ritual for you every morning lock yourself up in the make-up room and just become beautifull. Makeup shopping is not a chore you have to do , is pleasure, is more than that is relaxing and eliberating. Maybe […]

Small Skin Colored Bumps On Face

The skin, especially the face, is constantly exposed to so many impurities and is always vulnerable to quite a number of conditions ranging from acne to small skin colored bumps on face and even severe conditions such as skin cancer and lesions. Even if you are experiencing the mildest of skin rashes, it is important […]

Purple Concealer

The Amazing Wonders of Purple Concealers There comes a time in a woman’s life when she is plagued with yellow discoloration or sallow tones on her skin. There are varied causes of these skin discolorations, but they are mostly attributed to thinning skin, medications, genetics, allergies, lack of sleep and stress. Regardless of the reason, […]

Bobbi Brown Corrector Swatches

Have you heard of Bobbi Brown Corrector Swatches? Well, if not, these are makeup products from the renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown. These makeup accessories come in a variety of colors and forms, all designed to suit the different needs and changing preferences among customers of all walks of life. You can choose your corrector […]

Best Concealers in 2012

Are you looking for the Best Concealers In 2012? Well, these makeup accessories should come in handy for anyone seeking to shade off the dark circles or small blemishes on their skin. However, before you can get your face looking amazing you will need to do your homework right and find the Best Concealers In […]

Mac Clay De Po Concealer

Using the right concealer can mean the difference between maintaining a haggard and hapless look and more flawless and captivating look. We all go through one of those nightmarish days, when your skin just doesn’t seem to agree with you. For most part, I would rather die than been seen in public with some un-slightly […]

Maybelline Airfoam

LEARN HOW TO USE MAYBELLINE AIRFOAM TO DEVELOP A BRIGHTER SKIN Maybelline airfoam, is one of the best product meant to change the face and color of your skin. It contains refined pigments and also has very effortless application with over 100% nude perfection. It is 100% ideal for the normal skin and  it is […]

Caboki Concealer 

The simple facts about the caboki concealer These days there are plenty of hair solutions and almost all without any exceptions are advertised as the best. However, that would be truth if we live in an ideal world where everyone speaks the truth. The reality is that the best thing about those products is their […]

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