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Mascara is one type of cosmetics which women use to highlight their eyelashes i.e. darkening, coloring or lengthening the eyelashes. It is a very commonly used make-up kit for a woman. Mascara brings up the gorgeousness of eyes as longer eyelashes are the desire of many women. Lancôme is famous for their mascaras. Lancôme is a make-up brand under the ownership of the pioneer brand L’Oreal. Lancôme basically offers a little high priced skin care or make-up products and fragrances.

Lancôme doll eyes mascara is launched in 2011 and it is an instant hit among the make-up lovers throughout the world. According to the company, it is the result of their 7 years of hard work. Talking about this product, you just can not start your discussion without mentioning the gorgeous packaging it has. Then the conical shaped wand makes it very user friendly. It helps in many ways. First of all the cone tip can access even the tiniest of lashes in the sharpest corner. The bristles offer ultimate separation making it easy to layer without any clustering. The use of nylon powders in the basic formula is the cause of the curly deep black finish. The combination of hard and soft waxes increases the volume while the shaping polymers lengthen the lashes.

If you really want to bulk up your lashes then this Lancôme doll eyes mascara can help you a lot. But there is a downside of this product too. According to many people it runs off easily in rain or if you sweat a lot. It does not last longer also which criteria should be there for high quality mascaras. But it is perfect if you want a really black curly finish and want to lengthen your eyes badly for a smoother look. The most important factor is you can use this mascara on your eyes without the hazard of clumping.

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