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They say all humans are similar at heart. So by this simple logic we can comprehend the ways of our living in daily life. Despite of this fact difference do occur. From area to area and region to region, some time small and small times huge differences make us different. People from different regions of the world have different look. The Asian look is vastly different from the British look.  But the basic human instinct to look good remains constant. Especially in woman wish to look good is universal across the globe. Depending on our looks we have different varieties of make up available to make us look better.

It is famous that eyes are the gateway to heart.  Women try various things to make their eyes look attractive. Asian women have distinct type of eyes. Hence the makeup they apply on their eyes has to suit them best. Mascara is one make Asian women use regularly. Here I will try to identify the best mascara for Asian eyes. Often Asian women over use products, which in turn then fails to enhance their looks.

One of the options is to use Clinique mascara. It enhances the look of the Asian women. The benefit is that it does not give any clumps and it sort of adds to the length. The thickness is also sufficient. The trick is to let it dry after applying. One thing that Asian should avoid doing is creasing. It should be primed correctly. If it is not primed correctly than it mixes with eyes liner or eyes shadow and than it makes your eyes look messy. So this is something that should be avoided. The mascara should be applied in the right quantity and not in multiple layers. If multiple layers are applied it could look bad.

One of the better options in mascara you could go for is Maybelline volum’express. The benefit of using this mascara is that it would give your eyes volume and add length to the lashes. This is one feature almost all Asian women are looking for. The one thing to take care off is that you must curl your lashes before using Maybelline volum’express. If you have time and patience, than I would give you another technique to further enhance your look. Curl your lashes 1st and than apply Maybelline volum’express. Once Maybelline volum’express has dried you could curl it again. This would give a very beautiful look to you. Try it once and you would not regret it. One more trick of the trade is to heat the eye lash with a blow dryer. The purpose is to dry the curl the lashes in the best possible way.

Mister mascara is also good. They are specially designed to suit the Asian eyes. There formulation is such that it helps Asian women to enhance there look. So next time you get out of home to buy mascara keep these things in mind. Hopefully you will look prettier than ever before.

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