Shine in the dark like a star with this amazing make-up

makeup3There are many different ways how to be beautiful, sexy and attractive during your nights out and parties that you attend. But, did you ever wonder how to be creative and unique during some party and make all people in the room to look at you with an open mouth?

If that never happen it’s never too late to try something different and be unique and crazy in the same time. Heart jacking is offering an amazing and really quality neon make-up for eyes and lips.

Imagine to have a fluorescent nails, lips and eyes. You cannot right? Because it sounds really crazy and unbelievable. Well, actually can be true and you can try it by your own. If you and your friends want to try something unique, crazy and unforgettable, neon make up is the right thing for that. There are many different ways and occasions to use this type of make up and be a fluorescent person in the party place. You can use this make up during festivals, special events with masks, Halloween, Christmas, birthday parties or some random party at your friend house. Also, if you want to be totally unique in the club where everything is dark, there are some special lights and a lot of people who are dancing, this neon make up will make you to be visible and shine in the club.

You can combine many different colors for different parts of your body. You can put neon green on your lips, neon blue on your nails and neon pink on your eyes. It is guarantee that every guy or a girl in the club will watch you and you will be a total attraction during the party.

There are variety colors available for this make up especially if you want to use it during some worldwide music festival. You and your friends can be totally unique company in that music festival if you put this make up on you. Also, heart jacking neon make up is available like a body pain which is another amazing and unique thing that you can use for parties, festivals or for a special and unique mask.


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