How to Use Neck Creams to Help Get Rid of Wrinkles

Every woman faces the risk of her neck skin looking old, filled with wrinkles and losing its elasticity. This phenomenon is often named a turkey neck and it’s a scary thing for us all to think about. Now, neck creams can be used to repair what is required with the skin and the neck.

You can find neck creams that tighten the skin, everywhere, online, in stores and read reviews about them in magazines. There are some rules which can be helpful for you, when looking for the perfect tightening cream. What you need to take care of is whether the product has cucumber extract, vitamins, glycollic acid and aloe vera gel. All these ingredients can help the skin and make it look younger without wrinkles and fine lines.


The appearance of these creams, reduced the number of women who needed to go through painful and expensive surgery. The only difference is that the results from the surgery are visible after a very short time, and with neck creams, this is not the case. With neck creams you have to wait, to use the product for a longer period and then see the results.

What exactly causes wrinkles and fine lines around your neck? One of the most important factors is smoking. Cigarette smoke causes the skin to release enzymes, which in turn release collagen and elastin and as a result of this the skin around the neck is left sagging. Another important factor is exposure to the sun. UV and UVB rays destroy the elasticity of the skin and that is why excessive exposure causes neck wrinkles. Tanning booths have the same effect on your skin, they leave it weak and this causes the showing of the fine lines and wrinkles.

The good thing that the neck creams bring with them is that they can be used as long as you want to and all this without any side effects. Many of them are also moisturizers so they offer you a double protection.

In case you were wondering how to apply the neck cream correctly, read on:

You have to start with a clear skin and apply the cream after the moisturizer.

If you don’t know how much of the cream is enough, try with the size of a pea

Then with your fingertips start massaging the cream into your skin with upward movements starting from your décolleté to your neck

Don’t forget the nape of your neck

Repeat every morning and every evening.

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