Cosmetic Versus Natural Beauty

spa-timeWhile reading an article on the advantages and benefits of a thai beauty massage the other day, I was reminded of how stress can not only make one look old, but also put one in the ground at a young age.

Stress is something everyone experiences. Life throws hair-balls at everyone. No one goes through life without it and yet some people appear to never be stressed. Why is that?

It’s not a question of whether or not you experience stress, but rather a question of how you deal with it. If you have a way of dealing with stress – be it through yoga, meditation, prayer, or whatever other method – you will not only look younger longer, but will also (statistically speaking) live longer.

We live in a period of time where we have literally hundreds of millions of baby-boomers advancing in age and – as beautiful a thing as it is – many of them will pay just about any price to bring back the look and feel of their faded youth.

The cosmetic industry is booming as a result. Anything to look and feel young again, right?

As much as I can appreciate the cosmetic advances we have made in the last 20 year (just about anything is possible now if you have money), I think we should never overlook the basics to true natural beauty.

This means:
– Eating healthy/nutritious food every day
– Staying well hydrated (drink lots of water)
– Getting plenty of beauty sleep
– And most importantly, stressing little

Everyone wants a shortcut to everything, but to true beauty – there really aren’t many cosmetic shortcuts worth taking. At least not that you wouldn’t regret before long.

Besides, there is a certain amount of “honor” and “respect” one gains for oneself (and others gain for you) when you go the extra mile and earn your own beauty naturally. At least I would take that (in myself and in my partner) any day over fake cosmetic beauty.

How about you?

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