Botox – one of the most popular beauty treatments at the moment

Globally speaking Botox (also referred to as anti-wrinkle injection) is one of the most popular beauty treatments at the moment. It is non-surgical in nature and a prescription medicine for treating certain conditions. Usually both men and women see wrinkles as sign of aging. In order to overcome this they opt for this procedure.

Most of the cosmetic surgeons are aware of its popularity in terms of being an answer to the wrinkles and fine lines. There are a number of other skin rejuvenation programs that are available for reducing lines. Skincare treatments have technologically advanced by leaps and bounds. People are no longer limited to milk baths and honey masks for their facial beautification.


It is noteworthy that Botox doesn’t eliminate aging. It is used to work on controlling the lines that show up all over the face and of course the adjoining neck area. Forehead is also another spot where the creases are easily visible and become pertinent as frown lines between the eye brows. Laughter lines around the mouth are other usual issue addressed by this treatment.

It is advisable to get this procedure done only by highly trained and well qualified experts who are experienced in cosmetic surgery. Botox treatment actually means getting an injection in the affected areas. The drug that is used is produced by bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. Essentially the drug is toxin that is used for treatments only when used in small doses. It is legally allowed to use it on certain muscles or glands.

The key aim of the drug in skin care programs is to work on the nerves that cause wrinkles. When they get paralysed the face appears smooth. The nerves and muscles tend to relax and lines soften automatically. As the contraction gets curbed the facial movements causing wrinkles get reduced. This results in better facial appearance. It is also significant to note that the results from one injection last for say around three to twelve months only. Therefore multiple sessions are needed to continue with the same look.

Increasingly it is being reported that people suffering excessive sweating in and around the armpits are also benefiting from Botox.

Women who are on the family way or lactating are advised to keep away from this procedure. The injections have their own side effects and are yet considered safe and effective nevertheless. Sometimes the injection can cause temporary redness or swelling. Some might not experience any significant pain at all. Some people might register bruising. It is a quick treatment that has been around for over two decades now.

For those wanting to explore this must first discuss the desired results with the professional. During the initial consultation allergies, current medications if any must be disclosed.

Now these injections are called quite affordable. The cost of this treatment might vary from person to person. Also depending on the location of the professional the expense involved could be different. The brand and number of injections needed could alter the budget.

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