Aesthetic Restoration Of Teeth

dentistAlabama dentists: «To have healthy teeth and a dazzling smile is not only pleasant and beautiful, but it is also prestigious, because in a modern society it shows the well-being and respectability of the person. As a rule, our teeth are not always ideal, therefore there appears a necessity for their restoration. In such cases aesthetic restoration is applied.»

Achievements of modern dentistry give the possibility to name the aesthetic restoration of the teeth the kind of art because its results can be compared only to a piece of art.

What does the beauty of the tooth consists of?

The form, colour, transparency, brightness these are the components, based on which, we will manage to create the tooth identical to the natural. Being engaged in the art of teeth restoration, the dentist is at the same time an artist, a sculptor and even a psychologist.

The restored tooth doesn’t differ from the natural one, and due to its durability does not concede to the natural enamel. The art of restoration can be carried out, using only photopolymeric composites. Perhaps, a lot of you have heard the question in the dentost’s office: «What material to fill up the tooth?». And, of course, it is difficult for you to answer this question, after all only experts know all the existing ways and materials for tooth restoration, and also all pluses and minuses of this or that material.

The materials accessible now to dentists, are ideally perfect in colour, brightness, durability in comparison to natural teeth. But just the material is not the most important.

dentist2Hands of the dentist and his artistic taste is the main keystone to success. The success is in your beautiful smile, after all it is your introductory card. The dentist can change your image, and together with it the attitude of the surrounding people to you will change, and you will see that life becomes better and finer.

First of all, listen to the dentist’s opinion because only he can define, what material is better in each specific case.

The important role plays the colour for patients of different ages. It is known that with the years the teeth become darker. Sometimes even teeth whitening gives the patient younger look and on the contrary, dark shades can “make the patient older”deliberately. Important criterion of the tooth aesthetics is its form. The ideal form of the tooth is that one which does not undergo natural and pathological erasability, with the expressed textural cutting edge.

Wrong modelling of a vestibular surface and tooth equator breaks the beams’ reflexion from the surface that can lead to visual expansion or tooth narrowing. It is impossible to forget about the shine existing in a healthy enamel. The tooth surface should shine necessarily. Expressiveness of hillocks, an angle of slopes influence not only the tooth ability to participate in a chewing process, but also on durability of the construction created during the tooth restoration.

Restoration of the teeth differs from teeth filling: if during the teeth feeling the functionality of the tooth is tried to be restored, then at teeth restoration the lost tissues of the tooth are filled with a material simulating dentine, enamel, their transparency and colour. To know more how to find the best aesthetic dentist in your location, visit


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