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Beautiful nails were an obsession in ancient China. It is said that the mandarins (men and women) considered long nails a sign of wealth and welfare. Long nails symbolized the fact that they couldn’t have been regular workers.

Times had changed and now everybody can have beautiful hands and nails without spending too much time or money, and also adapt them to their own style.

Pointed Acrylic nails or natural?

This depends how much do you take care of your hands and if you have time to get a manicure twice a month. Because of time and cost not everybody can afford it twice a month. People that have time and money can make a manicure appointment every week and their nails will look as good as people that choose acrylic nails. The pointed acrylic nails are very popular right now. These had bed for a long time. You can do French tip, colored, glitter, rainbow, anything that comes through your mind. Pointed acrylic nails will make you look exotic and fascinating in everybody’s eyes.

The good news about acrylic nails is that you can make them look natural. You can use “pink and white”, with the pink matching your natural color. These cost a little more but are worth every penny because they look just like real nails. If you like them to look more natural don’t buy square nails! In fact try to buy them as close as you can to your natural nail shape. You can choose various types of shapes depending on what looks best on you. Pointed acrylic nails, oval, a little squared, depends on what your tastes are. You can also chose the color that fits you best and remember you can always change it. Adding just colors or a model, some people take nail painting to the next level transforming it into art. Pointed acrylic nails are the best worksheet for these artists. The shape of the nail combines with the model and colors adding to your style a plus of wonder and extravagance.

You should always go to a professional when applying acrylic nails. One way to know if your nail artist is a professional or not is by the way he does it. It’s not supposed to hurt at all, so if your manicurist is hurting you just stand up and go. Remember that the procedure is not done right you may get an infection or worse. When applying pointed acrylic nails is even harder because they have to fit perfectly. If they don’t water can get under the gel and deform your natural nail. When you go to a salon for manicure, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Also ask them about nail styles: Pointed acrylic nails, Oval acrylic nails, Square nails, he might have an opinion to what fits you best. Of course the choice is yours but it doesn’t heart to have a second opinion.

Whether you decide to make your own manicure, or go to a salon don t forget that beautiful nails never go out of style.

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