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Sebastian Ballesteros by Phil Jimenez from Won...

Sebastian Ballesteros by Phil Jimenez from Wonder Woman #171 (August 2001) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This year brings us lots of new trends and also some revitalized old ones. I don’t know if it’s about the 2012 end of the world hysteria, or what, but designers have outdone themselves bringing to life new and polishing up old designs. You can feel it in every department; even nail specialists are giving us diversity from which to choose. If you don’t believe me just look at the new designs, cheetah acrylic nails, zebra, rainbow, everything is about color.

At the Ruffian presentation the famous Yuna Park decorated the models nails using a fresh design, mostly inspired by the animal world. Zebras and tigers everywhere, not to mention the cheetah acrylic nails. At the end of the presentation, she changed the tone using racing stripes and strong, cold colors that you would see on racing cars.

The team chosen for manicure at the Zac Posen collection was Essie’s. They used a classic look with long natural looking nails. The colors were simple, nude red, pink nothing to obvious, which was in tone with the whole presentation.

At the presentation of Joy Cioci, the stylists from CND made complex miniature paintings, cheetah acrylic and simple monochrome lance nails.

If it were after me the wildlife nails couldn’t have returned sooner. And now with acrylic they look better than ever. The way that colors combine and melt one in other is magical. Take for example cheetah acrylic nails, depending on the artist, it uses four to eight different color gels, combining them to look perfect and applying them to look fantastic.

Maybe you are not happy with your nails just the way they are, you think about how much they exfoliate or how do you feel when they break just when you got them to the same size. Are you tired of that happening? Maybe it’s time for you to try the artificial solution. Acrylic nails are the perfect solution for nail-biters or whatever is the problem growing them on your own. If they are applied and removed accordingly, acrylic nails won’t affect your nail texture. However don’t expect to improve their current condition. But if you want a change or you are just feeling wild there is nothing wrong with acrylic nails. My personal favorite is cheetah acrylic nails; they just look so sexy and wild at the same time. The cheetah acrylic nails go with many outfits and stiles. There is nothing wrong with trying fake nails, who knows you might enjoy them and it may become a habit just like dying your hair.

Manicure for most women represents a detail of their own personality, which requires full attention. Every woman has her own personality that she needs to express in all the aspects of her life. You might not always get the perfect nails you desire, most of the time incidents may appear that hurt them: exfoliation, breaking easily or trouble growing them. Remember that acrylic nails are always there for when natural manicure dose not satisfy you.

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