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Choosing an Epilator

Epilators have been used for decades to help remove unwanted body hair. These personal groomers are used by women and men, to keep their skin feeling smooth for days. There are different styles and models to choose from which can make finding the best epilator hard to do.

Photography and beauty for your wedding day

Many of us question each other about the most important day of our lives and nine out of ten times the answer is our wedding day. Yes, and why should not it be. That day father pronounces us as man and wife and so does the whole of the world. All of us cherish that […]

Modeling and model headshots

“A picture is worth a thousand words” and there is a reason for quoting so. Every day, hundreds of products are launched in the markets but only one in those hundreds get your second look, ever wondered why! Well, what is inside, indeed does matter to grab the hearts but what is on outside, definitely […]

1 Hour Instant Wrinkle Reducer

Alluvia contains both vitamin E and elastin, ingredients that are scientifically provento aid in wrinkle elimination, increase collagen production, and leave your skin firm and plump. Trials conducted in a clinical setting have determined that Alluvia goes to work immediately, lifting and rejuvenating your skin with rapid smoothing action! Just apply in the morning and […]

How to start a Saloon

In times of economic recession and financial turbulences, opening a small business of yourself seems to be a fair idea. However, becoming an entrepreneur is easier said than done. There are a hundred questions looming over your head starting from the genre. One of the best business to open is that of opening a salon. […]

HQhair discounts & vouchers

Beauty products help in getting the dream look that we wish for. When we talk about the beauty products, there are many categories in this like the hair care, skin care, makeup, body care, fragrance and so on. What if all these types of premium beauty products are offered with superb and unbelievable promotion schemes? […]

Hair Building Fibers

Our hairs are one of the most prestigious possessions. Be it a man or a woman, he/she would never compromise on his/her hair. The above mentioned statement makes logic too, as the same person can look extremely pleasant in one hairstyle and can look extremely pathetic in another hairstyle. Thus, nine out of ten times, […]

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