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Has the dip-dye had its day?

It wasn’t so long ago that the dip-dye was everywhere with Alexa Chung and Caroline Flack pioneering that oh-so-wearable two tone look. But is it still the height of chic or has it been thrown onto the fashion scrap heap along with curly perms and crimping? We take a look at this season’s hottest trends […]

Search In Packaging

One of the most glorious things about the internet is that there are thousands of websites that are incredible, just one click away. But sometimes it can be difficult to find the best ones, and that is why we want to highlight the latest website brought to the world by Nordtek Packaging Ltd. It may […]

Seamless Shapewear – How Can These Products Help Me?

Most of us as women have gone through a few different feats as far as our bodies go. We know what looks good on us, what doesn’t, and why it doesn’t. We also have come to grips with our bodies, well, most of you anyway. This doesn’t mean you HAVE to be unhappy about your […]

Fitness & Weight Loss in Thailand at Phuket Fit

Phuket Fit makes fitness and weight loss in Thailand more possible as this wellness center is more than just machines and gym facilities but also more options and guidelines in leading men and women to a more positive and healthier lifestyle. Phuket Fit and its Special Weight Loss Program There have been various positive feedback […]

Fitness, Weight Loss and Detox Holiday at PhuketFit In Thailand

Imagine going for a holiday and instead of putting on some weight, you return with a healthier glow and a trimmer waistline! Now you can opt for the sensational PhuketFit holidays- an idea that merges the combined benefits of fitness, detox, and vacation in scenic Thailand. Weight Loss in Thailand The program for weight loss […]

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