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Cosmetic Versus Natural Beauty

While reading an article on the advantages and benefits of a thai beauty massage the other day, I was reminded of how stress can not only make one look old, but also put one in the ground at a young age. Stress is something everyone experiences. Life throws hair-balls at everyone. No one goes through […]

An Overview of the Different Types of Mascara

Thick, long and luscious lashes are always in fashion. However, majority of us are not that lucky to be blessed with gorgeous-looking eyelashes. Fortunately, there are numerous cosmetic companies that are here to help, and regardless of your need, you can find various types of mascara that could make your lashes the kind you have […]


All women need to feel intimately connected to the man they are in a relationship with. This makes guys try to form that connection with women immediately. They approach women in all sorts of locations and start trying to get that deep connection instantly. This rarely, if ever, works and the guys walk away disgruntled […]


Picking up a woman is not just about the words you use, in fact they are not the most important thing. You need to lead a woman through the process of: wanting to talk to you, finding you interesting, and then feeling like she wants you physically. Sometimes it can happen in an instant, but […]

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