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Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner Review

Maybelline master precise liquid eyeliner review will provide you with the details and stuff you must know about the product. Eyeliner pens are definitely easy to use. It is an added advantage. It may seem like coloring your school book but they are convenient. The good thing is that they dry quickly and it stays […]

Arabic makeup 2012

The phenomenon of globalization has latched on the world totally. Products and services are becoming global in every sense of the world. Nothing is hidden from anybody. Every day we see celebrities from across the globe in our television screen or computer screens. The thing with celebrities from all around the globe is that they […]

Rimmel Gel Eyeliner review

To look good is every woman’s desire. Every man desires that his woman looks beautiful.  Makeup products are used to make people look more attractive and beautiful. Face make up is also commonly used. Especially now more and more specific products are coming out. Much advancement has been made in the field of makeup. Eyes […]

Thick Black Eyeliner

For any sort off makeup, the foremost thing is to look natural. If it makes you look artificial than it’s not for you. This is precisely true for thick black eyeliner. Eyes are the gateway to heart they say. So you definitely would not like your eyes to look all messed up.  It the thick […]

How to make Eyeliner last all day

I’ve noticed that many of you would like to know how to make your eyeliner last all day, so it doesn’t run or lie. Ironically I’ve decided to write about this just now when one of my tips gave up on me. I have some allergies and my eyes are shedding. Anyway here are some […]

Maybelline Bouncy Blush

Bouncy Blush by Maybelline The older one gets the more natural she wants her makeup to look. And while it needs a bit more work and product to help keep one to look fresh, attractive and pretty. The best thing to do is to apply more makeup without it being noticed. I As far as […]

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer Review

Maybelline Fit-Me Concealer Like always Maybelline impressed me. It always had and will. On one of my pointless searches on the web I’ve discovered the Fit-Me Concealer from Maybelline, it was like finding gold. Naturally I go and read the reviews and opinions before I buy it. Honestly I didn’t found one bad review. Impressive! […]

Cut Crease Eyeshadow

Attractive Cut Crease Eyeshadow The word cut crease means to cut your crease to make it prominent and well defined. Generally cut crease is made by applying a bright and bold color in your crease.  Cut crease is also made by applying bold color in the hollow of one’s eye. Those who are not naturally […]

MAC Mineralize Concealer Review

  After I got more familiar with MAC products I was fascinated by the way they make everything work. It captures you at the firs touch by its creamy consistency and smooth texture. It’s easy to apply and easy to take off and the coverage is perfect. So after using MAC products for some years […]

MAC Neutral Eyeshadow Swatches

The neutral eyeshadow swatches of Mac MAC neutral eyeshadaow swatches are a high quality product available is several different varieties and styles. Eyeshadow swatches are basically a makeup used to make the eye prominent. I t is a makeup used to make the eye prominent. Eyeshadow swatches are a decorative that is used on the […]

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