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Maybelline Tough As Taupe

HAVE YOU HEARD OF MAYBELLINE TOUGH AS TAUPE? Maybelline tough as taupe is one of the best color tatoo i so much love, it is very good when used with cream products. It is very metallic when applied and it cost about $7. One thing i so much love about this product is its opacity […]

Maybelline Airfoam

LEARN HOW TO USE MAYBELLINE AIRFOAM TO DEVELOP A BRIGHTER SKIN Maybelline airfoam, is one of the best product meant to change the face and color of your skin. It contains refined pigments and also has very effortless application with over 100% nude perfection. It is 100% ideal for the normal skin and  it is […]

Keeping Up With Fashion Through Rolex Watches

Fashion is funny. One day one thing is the latest trend and the next day something pops up and overtakes it and it is thrown into oblivion as if it was not significant. There are people who live for fashion. They have the latest clothes, the latest shoes and the latest accessories. There are others […]

Best Spa In Manhattan New York

Now day going to spa / salon is very much in a demand both for men and women. But the most important and vital questions that comes next to this is where and how will I get the perfect spa for me. In answer to this I must say best spa in Manhattan New York […]

Best Lipgloss in 2012

LIP GLOSS RAMP: BEST OF 2012 The fashion trends reschedule themselves in every passing day, from dress to accessories there lies a huge variety which fashion lovers adopt without hesitation in order to look good. Dress and shoes go worthless without a suitable choice of a lip wear. As the time has passed lipgloss are […]

Lime Crime Carousel Gloss Review

ALL THESE GLITTERS: LIME CRIME CAROUSEL GLOSS Lip gloss with radiance and grace are very much trendy now a day. The cosmetics brands are putting their best and their unique lip gloss brands into the market. Lime Crime Carousel lip gloss has hit the market after the success of its lipstick collection. This time Lime […]

Lucid Cosmetics Lipgloss Review

Lip Gloss is a wonderful creation for the cosmetics industry and the glamour lovers. Max Factor has certainly target that hidden desire in the minds of cosmetics and beauty Gurus to revolutionize the lip stick fashion, thus he created Lip Gloss in 1930 for shiny lips of the beauties of film industry. Now the Hollywood […]

How to Apply Lipstick

Lip stick boost up the feminine confidence at the work place and increase the worth of your smiles in the parties and get together. It is shows off your internal freshness on your face while charming others with your looks. Signs of weariness are called off when a perfect lip stick is applied. There are […]

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick Swatches

Rimmel, London has rocked the swatches new shades range with Kate Moss as their brand ambassador. The brand appeared in the showcase for the public on October 2011. The color range includes four decent and equally elegant and lady lips shades. The #01 is Kate Moss red, which is much too populated by her in […]

Mac Double Spin Lipstick

Lips are the point of focus for all the make-up artists and it gives final touch to the make-up when a lip wear is applied. It has been a prevailed since the history of glamour to decorate your lips with catchy colors. Women of the ancient times used to decorate their lips using some herbs […]

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