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Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadow review

Attention all women- the new range of Maybelline eye studio eye shadow is now available and it comes in more colour ranges than ever before. There are a wide range of shades to suit all types of skin colour and tone allowing a natural and real look to be maintained. The make-up is of a […]

Best Maybelline mascara

Maybelline mascara is amongst one of the best selling and most popular brands on the market. Maybelline has four of the 10 top selling mascaras, One of these being top which is the “great lash” mascara, others being ones such as “define a lash” “volume express” and “intense XXL”. One of the best Maybelline mascaras […]

Best Maybelline Eyeliner

Maybelline eyeliner is another of Maybelline’s successful products with hundreds of thousands of eye liner units being sold every day, but with this massive variety to choose from and with all the different traits of each product, which one do you pick out from the crowd? Well, I shall tell you in this article. Of […]

Best Maybelline eye shadows

Maybelline are a prestigious beauty company which have won many awards for their products, their product base is huge and they cover almost every beauty product which you could imagine, but the one in which they excel the most is eye shadows, the usage of this type of makeup can add major effect to your […]

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